Policy VI-C: Policy on Role of Faculty in Institutional Governance

Policy VI-C: Policy on Role of Faculty in Institutional Governance

Because the instructional program is the central focus of San Jacinto College operations, the faculty have important roles in the governance of the institution because they are most directly involved in the teaching functions of the college. These roles include membership in the Faculty Organization, Chancellor's Cabinet and various campus and district committees.

The Faculty Organization is a channel of communications through which faculty use their expertise and experience in the development of college policies and the streamlining of college programs and processes.

The Faculty Organization solicits opinion concerning issues relating to conditions of professional employment education requirements; nepotism; duration of contract; and increment for post-graduate work; salary; leave policies; insurance; workload and office hour requirements; and professional growth requirements. Before final Board action is taken on these issues, faculty and administrative input is solicited through this committee, and consideration is given to faculty and administrative viewpoints before final Board decisions are made. The committee is given 30 days to collect faculty responses to inquiries about new policies and to develop its responses to proposed policies or to revisions in present policies.

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Policy Name:

 Policy on Role of Faculty in Institutional Governance



Adopted Date:

 May 2, 1994

Revision/Reviewed Date:

 June 7, 1999

Effective Date:

 May 2, 1994, June 7, 1999

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