Policy II.2001.A, Substantive Change

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The Policy on Substantive Change outlines requirements for the College to comply with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) Substantive Change Policy and Procedures.


The College will notify SACSCOC of changes or seek approval prior to the initiation of changes in accordance with the SACSCOC Substantive Change Policy and Procedures. The College will develop and maintain procedures to ensure that it reports substantive changes to SACSCOC in a timely manner. The procedures will include methods for proactively monitoring and evaluating changes within the College relative to the requirements of SACSCOC.

The Strategic Leadership Team (SLT) or its designee is responsible for the development, dissemination, implementation, monitoring, and regular evaluation of procedures to ensure compliance with this policy. The Institutional Accreditation Liaison is responsible for monitoring College activities and informing the Chancellor of the possible need for a notification of substantive change to SACSCOC in accordance with SACSCOC policy and procedure. The Chancellor will submit for approval to the Board of Trustees prior to submission to SACSCOC any substantive changes that are “Institutional Changes” as defined by the SACSCOC policy. The Chancellor is authorized by the Board of Trustees to make any operational “Program Changes” or “Off-campus Instructional Site Changes,” as defined by and pursuant to SACSCOC policy. Compliance with this policy and associated procedures is mandatory


Substantive change: a significant modification or expansion of the nature and scope of an accredited institution. Substantive change includes high-impact, high-risk changes and changes that can impact the quality of educational programs and services. The full scope of changes considered substantive changes, including those required by federal regulations, is defined by the SACSCOC Substantive Change Policy and Procedures.

The Authority, Applicability, Sanctions, Exclusions, and Interpretation do not differ from Policy II.2000.A, Policy and Procedures Development, Review, Revision, and Rescission.


Procedure II.2001.A.a, Monitoring Substantive Change
Procedure II.2001.A.b, Reporting Substantive Change

Date of Board Approval

November 7, 2022

Effective Date

November 8, 2022

Primary Owner

Deputy Chancellor and President

Secondary Owner

College-designated Institutional Accreditation Liaison to the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC)