Procedure 2-17: Copy Center Services

Procedure 2-17: Copy Center Services

Print & Mail Center Guidelines

The Print & Mail Center facilitates college business processes by offering copy and mail services to all college personnel.  The Print Center requires a thirty-six hour turn-around for requests as staffing at the Center has been reduced.  Please note; print jobs may be completed prior to this window and may in some instances be copied while you wait; however, this is NOT the norm.

The Print Centers coordinate projects to provide you with features/options previously only provided to a particular campus.  Posters, lamination and color copies can be provided to all college personnel if a thirty-six hour window is provided as jobs are coordinated between campuses. 

Print Center

The Print Center will copy all college tests, handouts and other materials; however, “copyright” materials must be accompanied by a letter of authorization from the publisher or author.  Copies of “copyright” materials will NOT be made without the proper authorization.

All print jobs should be copy ready and accompanied by a completed Print Request Form.  This form should be used when a print request is submitted to the Center.  Banner information MUST be included.

The form can be found on the website: under the Miscellaneous Forms tab.  Print Requests can be emailed or hand delivered to the Center.  Email addresses are:

  In Outlook Outside Outlook
Central DL – Central Print Mail Center
North DL – North Print Mail Center
South DL – South Print Mail Center

CPD Print Request forms should be stamped approved indicating to Print Center personnel the job is approved and is ready for copy.

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