Procedure 3-16: Keys and Proximity Cards

Procedure 3-16: Keys and Proximity Cards

(The use of the word “key” in this policy and procedures shall mean key, or proximity cards. Likewise, the use of the term “Campus Services” shall mean the Central, North or south Campus service office that issues keys.)
  • The college regards unauthorized duplicate keys or proximity cards as an unacceptable security risk. Employees found with such duplicate(s), or found having given them to an unauthorized party may be subject to disciplinary action.
  • Keys are college property and may only be issued by Campus Services or by the Construction Office at District. Employees with a business need to gain entry must complete an ACCESS REQUEST FORM and return it to the appropriate office for approval and issue.
  • Keys must be accounted for and/or returned to the college upon separation of employment through Campus Services or the Construction Office at District. An employee, who retires, terminates employment, or transfers to another campus, must surrender all keys to the Campus Services Office or the Construction Office at District. In the event a transfer, new keys will be issued at the new location.
  • Keys for part-time employees and adjunct instructors are issued to the supervisors and/or department chairs. Proximity cards for part-time employees and/or adjunct instructors for use in the ILC are issued to the employee.
  • Keys for desks, file cabinets, and cabinets or furniture are the responsibility of the individuals using these storage receptacles.
  • Keys issued to contractors must be processed through maintenance and/or the construction office after the receipt of an ACCESS REQUEST FORM.
  • All college keys and proximity cards are serialized and are the sole property of the College. Individuals who are provided access shall surrender all keys and cards upon request for inventory or serialization checks by authorized personnel, and he/she shall report lost keys or cards immediately to the appropriate office. Notification of any changes or updates in key status is the responsibility of the person who has been issued access or the supervisor if the person is no longer an employee. In the event keys are lost or unaccounted for, the college reserves the right to charge a reasonable fee not to exceed $10 per key or card to recover the labor, materials and administrative costs of making duplicates.
  • A breach in security that results in re-keying or re-coring of an affected area will be evaluated and the resulting costs may be the responsibility of the individual or department where the breach occurred.

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 Keys and Proximity Cards



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