Procedure 3-3: Duty Hours

Procedure 3-3: Duty Hours

Faculty are expected to develop and post a schedule of office hours that meets the needs of their students. Each full-time faculty member submits a daily schedule of class meeting times, preparation hours and conference hours to his/her department chair or associate dean, who approves it and sends it to the vice president of instruction. Committee and other general college responsibilities should be scheduled. The instructor posts the schedule of conference hours on his/her office door.

Each full-time faculty member holding a nine or ten and one-half month contract will schedule a minimum of 35 hours per week. The 35 hours includes class hours, student conference hours, time for scholarship, class preparation, grading, and other general college responsibilities, including committee assignments.

Suggested Rations
Faculty with a 15 - 17 contact hour load - 10 conference hours per week
Faculty with an 18 - 20 contact hour load - 7 conference hours per week
Faculty with a 21 - 24 contact hour load - 5 conference hours per week
Faculty with a 30 or more contact hour load - No recommendation

For those days on which faculty are absent, comprehensive leave will be charged in accordance with the 35 hour schedule that is on file with their department and associate deans.

Faculty Workload

In order to ensure integrity in our programs, we agree in principle to the concept that certain disciplines routinely demand extra preparation or retraining in order to maintain currency in the field. This effort is vital to provide students with the most currect skills and knowledge that industry demands.

We suggest, therefore, that campuses have the discretion to offer release time, support, professional development, extra service agreements, etc., when necessary, in order to maintain these skills.


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