Procedure IV.4003.A.a, Job Vacancies

Procedure IV.4003.A.a, Job Vacancies

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Policy IV.4003.A, Filling Vacancies


This procedure specifies the process for implementing, requesting, and posting vacancies.

When a budgeted position becomes available, posting requests (see table below) should be routed to the Human Resources Department after receiving the appropriate approvals; this includes approval by the respective leadership and the Strategic Leadership Team (SLT) member or designee. Requests should be in memo-format. The SLT member or designee must also submit an approved job description to the Human Resources Department along with the posting request.

The job posting will be prepared from the job description. Positions for print advertisement should have a minimum of a sixty (60) day lead time, and collateral for print advertisement shall be coordinated through the Human Resources Department. The posting will be prepared in the applicant tracking system and forwarded to the hiring department for final review before posting.

For full-time vacancies:

  • The position must be budgeted or authorized by the Chancellor and/or Board of Trustees.
  • The SLT must approve the posting of the position.
  • All posting and electronic advertising must be coordinated through the Human Resources Department.
  • Job vacancies will be posted for a duration that meets organizational needs. The recommended posting duration times are as follows:
  • Seven (7) to ten (10) days for staff position.
  • Fourteen (14) to twenty-one (21) days for professional positions.
  • Thirty (30) calendar days for all full-time, non-temporary faculty positions.
  • All applicants must apply through the applicant tracking system during the posting period.
  • Initial applicant screening will be conducted during the posting period.
  • If the position is replacing someone who has resigned or retired, a copy of the resignation letter, along with SLT member acknowledgment, must accompany the posting request. Use the following Request for Posting table below when submitting requests to the SLT for posting.
  • The campus must complete the Faculty Candidate Recommendation Form (FCRF) for the successful faculty candidate and submit it to Human Resources.
  • The Chancellor is responsible for recommending to the Board of Trustees the employment of all full-time employees.

To facilitate a more efficient posting procedure, the preference is to post for a longer period of time rather than list the posting end date as Until Filled.

Request for Posting Table

Name (First and Last)

of exiting employee


Position Number (POSN#)









Date of SLT Approval

January 31, 2018

Effective Date

March 6, 2018

Associated Policy

Policy IV.4003.A, Filling Vacancies

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Vice Chancellor, Human Resources

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Vice President, Human Resources