Procedure 4-7: Solicitation of Business by Optional Retirement and Tax-Sheltered Annuity

Procedure 4-7-g: Solicitation on Campus by Authorized Vendors

Representatives of authorized insurance, retirement and other benefit programs of the college desiring to offer products or services to college employees may do so under the guidelines established by Human Resources.  The purpose of these guidelines is to prevent eligible employees from being disturbed at inopportune times by various representatives or disrupting the education process.   These procedures will be used by all locations and campuses of the college for the solicitation process by these various representatives. In this manner both the employee and the representative can work together in scheduling a meeting that is agreeable to both parties.

Human Resources may initiate contact with authorized representatives at various times during the year and facilitate scheduling a common meeting site on the campuses.  At other times, at the request of a representative a meeting room may be scheduled at a time and date convenient to the college and employees.  Eligible employees will be notified and provided with the times and locations of the scheduled meetings. Representatives can schedule meeting places throughout the semester by contacting Human Resources.

Nothing in these guidelines prevents an employee and authorized representative to schedule a meeting that is agreeable to both parties.  

It is the College’s expectations that these guidelines be honored and followed by company representatives.  Complaints or reports of representatives disturbing employees at inopportune times, interrupting employees during the performance of their duties, making unsolicited sales calls during business hours or accosting employees against their will, will be dealt with by appropriate action, up to and including removal of the representative or company from the college’s authorized vendor list. 


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 Procedure on Substantive Change



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 December 8, 2008 and November 5, 2009

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 December 8, 2008 and November 5, 2009

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