Procedure 4-8: Court Appearances / Jury Duty

Procedure 4-8-c: Court Appearances / Jury Duty

When an employee is summoned for jury duty, subpoenaed as a witness, or attend a legal proceeding of any type as required by the District or any court he or she should inform his or her immediate supervisor as soon as possible. It is the responsibility of the employee to keep the college informed as to his or her status; such as, if he or she is selected, what kind of case, and estimated time off. If the employee is selected for a jury, he or she should contact his or her immediate supervisor on a regular basis to keep him or her informed as to the estimated time for returning to work.

This procedure does not apply when the court appearance is due to the employee's personal business, private practice testimony as an expert witness or when summoned in connection with a suit for which the employee is a party.

If an employee is summoned for jury duty and is dismissed early, he or she should return to work on that day. If the employee is a witness, he or she should only be off from work for the length of time necessary to serve as the witness.

When an employee has jury duty, he/she makes arrangements in advance with his/her supervisor. Faculty should make arrangements for substitutes for the date of the jury duty. If the employee is assigned to a panel and will be absent additional days, he/she should contact his/her supervisor as soon as possible. Upon returning from jury duty, the employee completes a personnel absence report and also turns in a confirmation of jury duty from the court clerk. 

An employee working an alternate work schedule will be compensated for the time that corresponds to the employee's scheduled work hours.

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 Court Appearances / Jury Duty



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 November 1, 2016

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