Procedure 4-9 Sick Leave Bank

Procedure 4-9: Sick Leave Bank

General Provisions

The Human Resource Office will manage a sick leave bank of hours for the benefit of employees who have exhausted all available paid leave. The purpose of the sick leave bank is to provide for a transfer of sick hours as a result of a catastrophic injury or illness to an employee or the employee's spouse, parent or child.

A licensed physician or practitioner must certify a qualifying injury or illness in order to receive consideration for the sick leave bank. Procedures for the administration of the sick leave bank, including donation of hours or the transferring of hours will be the responsibility of the Human Resources Office. The maximum number of sick hours that can be granted to an employee is 160 hours (20 working days) for each catastrophic illness or injury. An employee may be awarded sick leave bank hours only once per fiscal year for each catastrophic illness or injury.

An employee does not have to donate hours to the pool in order to be eligible to use the pool, nor is the employee required to pay back hours taken from the pool.


The Sick Leave Bank is a pool of hours available to full-time employees with benefits. An eligible employee may draw sick hours in the event that they suffer a catastrophic injury or illness and have exhausted all of their available accrued leave. The hours of sick leave bank that may be available for pay purposes will vary dependent upon and according to guidelines established by Human Resources.

Catastrophic Injury or Illness

A catastrophic injury or illness is defined as a severe condition or combination of conditions affecting the mental or physical health of the employee or the employee's immediate family that requires the services of a licensed practitioner for a prolonged period of time and that forces the employee to exhaust all eligible paid leave earned by that employee and to lose compensation from the College for the employee.

(Licensed practitioner means a practitioner, as defined in the Texas Insurance Code, who is practicing within the scope of his/her license. Immediate family is defined as the eligible employee's parents, spouse or children.)


Any employee who has accrued 480 or more sick hours may elect to donate hours to the Sick Leave Bank. A maximum of 96 hours may be donated. These hours will be deducted from the employee's sick leave hours. Terminating employees may contribute the balance of their sick leave hours or 96 hours whichever is less.

Eligible employees may contribute hours to the bank during a time designated by Human Resources, generally during the summer months. Hours cannot be donated and specified for a particular employee. Hours may be donated by completing a Donation of Sick Hours application and returning it to the Human Resource Office.
Request For Sick Leave Bank

A "Request for Sick Leave Bank Days" and "Attending Physician's Statement" should be sent to Human Resources as soon as it is known that an employee will be on extended sick leave and will exhaust all leave. When an employee who has been approved for use of hours from the Sick Bank returns to work, any unused hours will revert to the Bank.

An employee receiving a weekly indemnity from Worker's Compensation is not eligible for Sick Leave Bank hours.

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