Procedure 5-4: Other Duties As Assigned

Procedure 5-4: Other Duties As Assigned

As part of the contract of employment, an instructor agrees that he/she may, from time to time, be assigned to other duties for which he/she is professionally certified or otherwise qualified. An instructor may also volunteer for duties collateral to his/her teaching assignment. While most assignments and volunteer duties are part of the normal duties of an instructor, some assignments and some volunteer duties may result in a class load reduction.

Guidelines concerning other duties as assigned are placed into the following three broad categories:

Category I

Assignments or volunteer duties that are generally considered part of the normal duties of an instructor. These include but are not limited to assignment to college committees, election to the Faculty Organization or sponsorship or advisor to most clubs. These types of assignments do not result in a class reduction

Category II

Assignments or volunteer duties such as sponsorship of the cheerleaders/dancers, directing programs such as the Honors Program or supervision of an open laboratory or other assignments that include competition and/or travel, may result in class reduction(s).

Category III

Assignments of a special nature may result in a class load reduction from one class up to a full load reduction, as circumstances warrant. These assignments are generally of a temporary nature (SACS, etc.) upon the recommendation of a Vice Chancellor or President as approved by the Chancellor.


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 Other Duties as Assigned



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