Procedure 5-9: Statement of Primary Language

Procedure 5-9: Statement of Primary Language

The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) recommended that the college develop and implement formal procedures for ensuring that each faculty member employed is proficient in oral and written communication in the language in which assigned courses will be taught to be in compliance with Criteria 4.8.1.

To be in compliance with Section 51.917 of the Texas Education Code, San Jacinto College requires that all faculty complete a Statement of Primary Language.

If English is not the primary language, the faculty member must make a satisfactory score on the Test of Spoken English. The Test of Spoken English is offered at the University of Houston, University Park for a fee of $60.00 for UH students and $80 for students. Registration must be in person, and because the UH Test Center is very flexible, the test can usually be taken on the same day. The UH Test Center number is 713-743-5444.

If an unsatisfactory score is made on the Test of Spoken English, enroll in the prescribed non-credit classes through Continuing Education (English as a Second Language I,II, III or IV). The three Vice Presidents of Instruction and Vice Chancellor of Instructional Programs and Services will determine what constitutes a satisfactory score.

Adjunct faculty who do not complete the Statement of Primary Language are not eligible for employment.

New adjunct faculty who declare their primary language is not English will have until the end of the semester of employment to be in compliance.

The Evening Dean should retain a copy of the Statement of Primary Language declaration for adjunct instructors and forward the original to Human Resources. Human Resources will list the names of adjunct instructors that do not have this form in their file on a weekly incomplete file memo to the campuses. Similar information will be sent to the Vice Presidents of Instruction for their use in the monitoring of full-time faculty compliance.

All full-time faculty must complete a Statement of Primary Language and be in compliance with this requirement prior to contract recommendation in April 2000.

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