Procedure 6-1-c: Gradebook Guidelines

Procedure 6-1-c: Gradebook Guidelines

An instructor maintains student attendance and grade records in such a form that a supervisor can reconstruct a student's grade determination without having to ask that instructor any questions. The instructor provides a legend within the gradebook to explain how the final grades were determined.

These records may be kept in a standard gradebook, or (with approval of the department or associate dean) may be kept with a computer system using the same format as the standard gradebook. If grade and attendance records are kept on the computer, a back-up copy of all entries is needed.

The following are general guidelines for gradebook records:

  • Attendance and grade records are recorded in ink.
  • Names of students are listed in ink, or a copy of the official class roll may be pasted in the name column.
  • For each class, the following identifying information appears in the space above the students' names: the instructor's name, the semester and year, and the course number and section number.
  • Class dates are recorded in sequential order.
  • Attendance is marked as follows:
    • A - absent
    • T - tardy

T/A - tardy first 1/2 of class, absent second 1/2

  • All grades are labeled (e.g. major exam #1, chapter 7 exam, final, semester grade)
  • Division or department chairmen explain any additional department or campus requirements.

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