Procedure 6-1-e: Semester Grade Reports

Procedure 6-1-e: Semester Grade Reports

Grade report sheets are sent to the instructor the week prior to final exams. Students withdrawing from a course on or before the withdrawal deadline receive a grade of "W". This date is defined in the academic calendar each semester. After the drop date, students are not permitted to withdraw, and a grade (A, B, C, D, F) will be awarded. (Instructors include information about the withdrawal deadline in their beginning-of-class information for students. See beginning-of-class information requirements.)

If an emergency has prevented a student from finishing the course, and if the student has made arrangements with his/her instructor to complete the course at a later date, an incomplete grade ("I") may be assigned. The instructor follows the policy of his or her campus regarding forms to be completed when grades of "I" are awarded.

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 Semester Grade Reports



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