Procedure 6-1-g: End-Of-Course Exhibits

Procedure 6-1-g: End-Of-Course Exhibits

Each course syllabus defines the contents of the end-of-course portfolio of student work that every instructor of that course submits to his or her supervisor. During each academic year, full-time and adjunct faculty will prepare one portfolio of student work for each course preparation taught. Deans and department chairmen provide information to faculty regarding format and content of these course exhibits. If the instructor has any questions concerning the exhibit, he or she should consult the dean/department chair early in the semester to ensure that the right type of work is being kept for each class preparation.

The end-of-course exhibits are an element in the college's effectiveness planning, providing the most direct information about how classroom instruction puts into action the mission and purpose statements of the college and of the individual disciplines. Deans from the three campuses meet together during the summer to study exhibits in order to describe the manner in which the college's instructional program realizes its goals. This study offers deans an opportunity to identify innovative instruction and to suggest ways to improve instruction.

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 End-of-Course Exhibits



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