Policy V-L: College Emergencies/Natural Disasters/Business Continuity

Policy V-L: Policy on College Emergencies/Natural Disasters/Business Continuity

The details for implementing this policy are found in the college publication Disaster and Event Preparedness for Natural Causes, which provides basic guidelines for use by college personnel during a natural disaster. In addition, the plan will reduce confusion during the chaotic period which typically precedes and follows such a disruption.

Specifically, this plan is intended to:

  • Save lives and ensure the health and safety of the SJC community.
  • Preserve and protect campus buildings and facilities.
  • Preserve the orderly functioning of the College community.
  • Restore critical functions to the College and departments so the mission of the College can continue.
  • Establish clear lines of authority and coordination within the College and with external constituencies.
  • Establish within the College and departments, responsibilities and authority for mitigation, preparation, response and recovery from a hurricane, tornado or severe weather.
  • Establish a basis and organization for the College and departments to respond to emergency situations, to include the coordination of disaster operations and the management of critical resources.
  • Articulate procedures for the coordination of communications within the College and with external constituencies and stakeholders.
  • Ensure that the College returns to a normal operating environment as soon as possible.

The College’s Crisis Management Team (CMT), as defined in the plan, will have complete command and control authority for the management and mitigation of events and circumstances impacting the College due to natural causes. Command and control authority by the CMT includes, but is not limited to, directing emergency actions, canceling classes, closing buildings, campus closings, and releasing all but essential employees. The CMT will conduct emergency meetings as necessary (some meetings may be conducted by telephone) to determine the course of action. When activated, CMT members or alternates are on call at all times.

Questions or inquiries regarding the College’s Disaster and Event Preparedness Plan for Natural Causes can be directed to the office of the Vice Chancellor for Administration, or the Safety Director.


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 Policy on College Emergencies/Natural Disasters/Business Continuity



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