Policy VI-A: Policy Concerning Teaching/Learning Environment

Policy VI-A: Concerning Teaching/Learning Environment

The San Jacinto College District is committed to providing a safe, secure, and healthful environment for faculty, staff, students, administration, and local citizens. The departments of the college directly responsible for maintaining a suitable environment for teaching and learning include the Safety Office, Wellness Office, Human Resources Office, the college's police, and the college's maintenance department. The specific duties of each department shall be established by the college administration. Each department shall present an annual report to the administration describing its goals, its operations, its evaluations, its budget and expenditure records, and its plans for improvement. These reports will be summarized in a manner determined by the college administration but are subject to complete study by the Board at its request.

Specific responsibilities are assigned to each area responsible for safety and security:

The college district Safety Office is responsible for maintaining programs to identify and respond to safety hazards; for establishing and maintaining staff-development programs focused on job safety. The personnel of the Safety Office will provide division and department chairmen and other supervisors with appropriate information regarding safety risks in instructional and office areas and will be responsible for follow-up study of all accident- or safety-incident reports. If the director of safety believes that personnel in a particular area are in need of special staff development training regarding safety, he may recommend this training to the appropriate district/campus administrator, who will be responsible for scheduling the training.

In addition to those specifically assigned responsibilities in the area of safety, all college managers and supervisors are responsible for identifying potential and real safety hazards, for reporting accidents or police incidents, and for including safety issues in their staff-development programs.

The college certified police force is responsible for identifying unsafe areas on the campus and reporting them to the district/campus administration. The police respond to all emergencies and offer appropriate assistance to students, college personnel, and campus visitors. Police officers participate in appropriate training experiences to assist them in responding to campus situations and communicate with instructional and area managers regarding risks in their areas. Full reporting of all police activities is required.

The college maintenance department is responsible for ensuring that college facilities are clean, in good repair, and aesthetically attractive. Maintenance supervisors are responsible for evaluating the cleanliness and appropriateness of the facilities in their areas; they are responsible for the evaluation and appropriate developmental training of those whom they supervise; and they are responsible for preparing the appropriate reports and evaluations as required by the district maintenance director.

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 Concerning Teaching/Learning Environment



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 May 2, 1994

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 May 2, 1994

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