Planning and Response

The planning and response section includes various resources for you, your building or your department to assist you in preparing for, responding through and recovering from an incident.

What to Do

Run Hide FightWhen: You receive an SJCAlert about an active shooter on your campus.



Depending on the situation run away, or hide where you are, under furniture, lock or barricade doors; turn off lights, silence electronic devices; remain quiet and stay vigilant.

As a last resort fight to defend yourself.

Call 5555 from a campus phone or 911 if you have information for the police and it is safe to make a call.

Warn others if possible.

Wait for official notice to resume normal activities.


When: You receiFire RACEve an SJCAlert that there is danger inside or near the building or the fire alarm activates.


Leave the building - do not use elevators.

Know at least two ways out of the building.

Assist those that may need help.

Proceed to the emergency assembly area for your building.

Notify first responders if anyone is left in the building.

Wait for official notice before attempting to re-enter the building.

seek refugeWhen: You receive an SJCAlert to seek refuge or tornado warning for your area.


Seek refuge inside a building and remain there.

Go to the lowest level of the building, interior rooms or hallways and away from doors and windows.


Do Not seek refuge in a car.

If No structure is available lie flat on the ground and cover head with hands and arms.

Do Not seek refuge under a bridge or overpass.

Wait for official notice to resume normal activities

Shelter in PlaceWhen: You receive an SJCAlert to Shelter in Place. 
Stay indoors or if outside go to the nearest building and take cover
Close all windows and doors.

Stay away from windows when possible. If available, lower blinds and/or curtains.

If radio or television is available, turn on for continuous updates, (KTRH 740 AM)
If eyes, nose or throat becomes irritated, if possible, protect your breathing by covering your mouth with a damp cloth, taking frequent shallow breaths and staying calm.  
Do not leave the building until you receive official notification that the danger has passed.