Foundation Scholarships

San Jacinto College Foundation Scholarships

How to Prepare for the General Scholarship Application

Scholarships are awarded each fall and spring semester to help San Jacinto College students pay for tuition and course related books and supplies. Scholarships are available to all SJC students in various programs of study. By completing the general application, you will be considered for all scholarships for which you meet the criteria. Only one application per student is required.

To apply for a San Jacinto College Foundation scholarship you must have a San Jacinto College student identification number.  Your G# (generated ID number) is your student identification number. To obtain your student G# you will need to apply to San Jacinto College by completing the New Student Application. Your application will be processed within 48 business hours after it is submitted. To confirm that the application has been received make sure that you see the confirmation notice that appears after submitting the application. After your application is processed you will receive an email with further information. This email is extremely important, please read it carefully and comply with all instructions or requests. Once you have received your student G# you will be able to access the San Jacinto College Foundation general scholarship application.

Applicants are required to upload their most recent high school or college transcript (other than San Jacinto College.) Current San Jacinto College students are not required to upload a transcript.

All applicants are required to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to help determine eligibility for need based scholarships offered by the SJC Foundation. Fill out the FAFSA

Tips to help prepare for the general scholarship application:

  • Prepare a list of extracurricular and volunteer activities; include community, club and church involvement.
  • Prepare a list of awards, honors and prizes you have received.
  • Prepare a listing of your employment history.
  • Read the personal statement questions and compose written answers in MSWord or similar program. Review answers to make sure statements are clear, complete, and free of spelling and grammar errors. Online grammar checkers like Grammarly and GrammarCheck are available to help you with proofreading or consider asking someone like a teacher, professor, or classmate to proofread responses.

Once your application is complete, select the submit button to finalize your application.


Scholarship Opportunities and Application