Frequently Asked Questions

All scholarships managed by the San Jacinto College Foundation are for the benefit of students enrolled at San Jacinto College. Students who made application to and plan to enroll at San Jacinto College are eligible to apply for scholarships.

No, the system will suggest scholarships opportunities based on your general scholarship application. You may browse all scholarships to identify and apply to scholarships opportunities for which you may be qualifiedd.

There is no limit of how many recommended scholarship opportunities you can apply for.  Please confirm that you meet the criteria for each recommended scholarship in which you plan to apply.

You must have a San Jacinto College student G# and be an enrolled student at San Jacinto College. If you are an enrolled student at San Jacinto College please contact us:

Foundation- Tammy McAdams (281) 998-6104 or

Grants Management – Gloria Ramirez (281) 991-2632,

The San Jacinto College general scholarship application cannot access transcripts from high schools or other colleges you attended. Be sure to have your official documents already scanned in PDF format and click upload in the scholarship application when prompted.

You will receive notification via your San Jacinto College student email. Please check your email for official notification of an award. All official notifications from San Jacinto College will be sent to you via your student email account. Check frequently!

You must have a G# and be enrolled at San Jacinto College. Also, you must first complete the general scholarship application before searching and applying for scholarships.  Once the general scholarship application is complete use the search by Keyword option located on the opportunities page. Type in broad searches such as: "Theat" for Theater; "Process" for Process Technology; "Nursing" for Nursing 

***Examples only of possible searches. There is no guarantee that scholarships are available in these areas***

Please contact The Foundation Office or Grants Management department 

Foundation- Tammy McAdams (281) 998-6104 or

Grants Management – Gloria Ramirez (281) 991-2632,

Certain scholarships opportunities have supplemental questions to qualify you for the scholarship. The potential recipients need to make sure these questions are completed best to their ability.

  • Full time student is 12 or more credit hour per semester.
  • Part time student is 12 or less credit hour per semester.

Yes! You may save and return to your general application or individual scholarship applications. Scholarship opportunities will appear in “Drafted” on your Home Tab.

Certain donors have not specified an award amount for some scholarship opportunities and will be listed as varies. Installments will be paid based on the installments indicated in the award field. For example, if an award is noted installments of 2 and the total award is $1,000 then it will be broken down into 2 installments of $500.

The “Ended” scholarship opportunities are no longer able to be applied during this scholarship opening. They are still visible for users to see and make note of future scholarship opportunities. Please note that award amounts for these “Ended” scholarships may change in the future as funds are not guaranteed and are affected by available funding.