Key Advantages


San Jac is a Great Place for Many Reasons

When choosing a college, different things are important to different people. But whatever you're looking for, chances are we offer some pretty compelling reasons why you'll find it here. Here are some highlights that set us apart and give you an educational advantage.

Academic Excellence

  • We have nationally recognized, award-winning faculty with real world experience.
  • Mentoring programs are in place at San Jacinto College to help ensure student success.
  • Partnerships with industry leaders help our students through internship programs and beyond.
  • We work with four-year universities to ensure a seamless transfer so students can pursue their bachelor's degrees and more.

Low Cost

  • We are supported partially by the state and taxpayers within our district, so students pay only a fraction of the cost of their education.
  • Tuition and fees are low compared to most other colleges and universities.
  • Students can commute and save on housing costs.
  • We offer lots of financial aid opportunities, and we make it easy to apply for them, including part-time jobs on campus and scholarships.

Many Academic Options

  • We offer 186 degrees and certificates in 46 technical and university transfer programs to help prepare you to enter the workforce or easily transfer to a four-year university.
  • Our technical courses give students the skills to enter the workforce in a full range of high-opportunity industries.
  • Abundant continuing education courses are available for personal enrichment, workforce training and professional development.
  • Faculty members take pride in being available to every student through face-to-face meetings, email and phone. This includes students enrolled in weekend, distance, continuing education and extension center courses.

Schedule Flexibility

  • We offer day and evening classes every semester, including summer, at all three campuses as well as at our 12 extension centers.
  • Weekend classes in fall and spring and online classes provide even more learning options.
  • Pick up college credit in one of our two mini-sessions over the Winter Holidays or in the late spring right before summer classes kick off. These are three-week intensives which will get you full credit in minimal time.
  • If you miss the registration deadline, look for a Take 2 class that offers full course credit in a condensed schedule.

Activities and Services

  • Students can develop themselves into true leaders with opportunities in sports, religion, music, speech, debate, journalism, government and club activities, just to name a few.
  • We offer services such as child care, financial aid, job placement, counseling, testing and disability assistance – all to better ensure the success of every student regardless of their situation.