San Jacinto College Leadership

Guiding the next generation’s pathways to success

Our leadership team has an historic commitment to success, diversity and real-world achievement at San Jacinto College.  We’re led by our chancellor, Dr. Brenda Hellyer, and governed by a seven–member Board of Trustees.

Dr. Hellyer serves as the head of the College and oversees our strategic vision and mission and the entire faculty.  This includes our three provosts who are responsible for curriculum and operations at San Jacinto College’s Central, North and South campuses in Greater Houston.  Dr. Hellyer’s Strategic Leadership Team supports the College in fulfilling its mission to ensure student success, create seamless transitions, and enrich the quality of life in our communities.

The stewardship of our distinguished Board of Trustees guides the fiscal health and strategic direction of San Jacinto College.  From its beginnings in 1960, San Jac has relied on its trustees to help usher extraordinary enrollment growth and campus expansions.  Today nearly 30,000 students find their path at San Jacinto College.