Spotlight Educational Planning

spotlight AJAs a member of the San Jacinto College Central Campus educational planning, counseling, and completion department, A.J. Elsner is one of the staff members soon-to-be housed in the campus’ new Welcome Center opening spring 2020. An alumnus of the College, Elsner is able to see many facets of the college experience which helps him in his role as an educational planner. However, he understands that completing college is not a one-size-fits-all formula. AJ Elsner“Many of our students are first-generation college students, so they don’t have anyone at home to guide them through the experience of what it means to be a college student,” said Elsner. “Sometimes just one question or conversation you have with a student can change their life. As educational planners, we strive to meet each individual student wherever they are at along their educational journey.” He adds that the journey itself changes more rapidly than most people realize, and celebrating those changes and differences is something Elsner and the College’s educational planning, counseling, and completion staff members strive to embrace. “Being able to help a student find their path, even if it looks very different from your own, is why we’re here. The students we see at commencement are the ones that we’ve seen in our offices, and we know the obstacles, stumbles, and sacrifices they’ve faced to earn that cap and gown. It’s unbelievably rewarding to see them walk across the stage knowing that they have accomplished a goal that at one point they thought was impossible. We really are changing students’ lives every day.”


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