A Mace In The Making

MaceThe new San Jacinto College commencement mace is designed to represent the College's values that are present in all aspects of life at San Jacinto College. The manipulation of the hand-wrought metal and wood construction reflects the grit, determination and flexibility needed to accomplish the goal of completing a degree or certificate at San Jacinto College. Symbolic elements such as the four-sided San Jacinto Monument Star remind us of our place in history, while the flame stands for the eternal search for knowledge and progress. This piece will be one of a kind, designed and built to the highest quality, and will stand out as a unique piece of San Jacinto College’s future. I am very honored to be asked to create the new commencement mace for San Jacinto College, and I hope it mirrors the high caliber of education our institution provides.


San Jacinto College South Campus
Art Professor amd Gallery Curator