Student Success

Audio Engineering student achieves career slam dunk, reaches her dreams.

How long does it take a college graduate to land a dream job? Years? Decades? For Evelyn Salas, San Jacinto College audio engineering graduate, it was a short four months.

audio engineering studentAs an audio/visual technician and sound engineer for the Toyota Center and the Houston Rockets, Salas has the opportunity to be on the court and in the midst of the action every night with the likes of James Harden and Chris Paul.

“This is my dream job. It’s crazy to me that it’s happened so quickly,” Salas said. “It’s pure adrenaline, and you are right there on the court. I love seeing the crowd react to the music.”

It was Salas’s determination and networking skills as a student that brought her where she is now.

“When I was in school, I was already asking, ‘Who can I shadow? How can I get experience now?’,” Salas said. “I started working with Generations AV and interned with White Oak Music Hall and Revention Music Center.”

audio engineering student successAfter earning her associate degree in audio engineering in May 2017, Salas was contacted by Scott Foulkrod, a fellow San Jacinto College alum and the director of media for the Toyota Center. The two met through San Jacinto College professor of audio engineering Lester Williams.

“Evelyn had been working all over the city, even as a student,” Williams said. “The job of coordinating the public address, music and sound effects is perhaps the most difficult and unnerving job I can imagine. I suggested Evelyn for the job because I’ve seen what she is capable of.”

What do you do when you’ve achieved your dreams so early in your career? You dream bigger.

“One day I would love to be a production manager,” Salas said. “Not just working with the sound department, but putting on the whole production. From stage operations, to the music, lights and video, I watch them at work and I am interested in the entire process. I never stop learning.”