Administration and One College Vision

Dr. Brenda Hellyer

Dr. Laurel V. Williamson
Deputy Chancellor and College President

Mrs. Teri A. Crawford
Vice Chancellor, Marketing, Public Relations, and Government Affairs

Dr. Allatia Harris
Vice Chancellor, Strategic Initiatives, Workforce Development,
Community Relationships, and Diversity

Ms. Teri Zamora
Vice Chancellor for Fiscal Affairs

Ms. Sandra Ramirez
Vice Chancellor, Human Resources

Mr. Rob Stanicic
Chief Information Officer

Dr. Brenda Jones

Dr. William Raffetto

Mr. Van. A. Wigginton

San Jacinto College District operates as one college with multiple campuses, centers, programs, and services. Common policies and procedures and consistent business practices guide the organization. The synergy is apparent. Concern is for the whole. Competition between the individual units, departments, or functions is not part of our values. Decisions and actions are data informed answering the ultimate question, “How does this improve student success?” We celebrate our accomplishments and successes together.

As one college, we embrace learning. All members of the College community are responsible for student success. Those in the classroom facilitate learning, while maintaining the highest standards of quality. We all share the responsibility to provide students with the best environment and support available so that students can concentrate on learning. We are charged with ensuring excellence in everything that we do and addressing challenges directly.

The focus of the San Jacinto College Strategic Leadership Team (SLT) is on the strategic direction of the institution. Each member of the SLT serves in multiple leadership roles but the priority role must always be to the College-wide focus, “What is best for the San Jacinto College community as a whole?”

The focus of the campus leaders is to foster teaching, learning and student success. The campus leaders endeavor to identify new ways and programs to serve the community and to promote creative methods to engage faculty and staff. The campus leaders challenge the status quo, promote academic excellence, and ensure consistent quality and service levels among campus operations.

The focus of the district leaders is to provide support services to the campuses and to assist campus leadership in facilitating the teaching and learning enterprise. The district leaders are partners with campus leaders in creating solutions and establishing a climate of continuous improvement. All services provided to the campuses are based on mutually agreed upon service levels and requirements.

The focus of the Chancellor is to develop, in conjunction with the Board of Trustees, the College’s external and internal strategic vision. The Chancellor stimulates creativity, fosters opportunities for success and communicates the shared vision.

All executive leaders test the robustness of assumptions and logic while exhibiting a college-wide perspective and understanding of issues, processes, policies, practices, and resources. When working with their direct reports, executive leaders direct and guide an understanding of this unified perspective. Each leader facilitates communication with peers, constituencies, and the College community. The College’s values guide the organization’s culture and character. Each leader fosters a climate that is consistent with these core values.