A Look At Altered Operations

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Altered Operations

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With COVID-19 halting most events, San Jacinto College was thrust into a state of careful but timely decisions and altered operations.

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The South Campus Gallery had to make one of those decisions regarding its annual student showcase.

“Each spring, we usually dedicate our gallery to a student showcase that allows students in all programs College-wide to submit pieces,” said Bradly Brown, San Jacinto College South Campus gallery curator. “There is a comfort that can be found in creating and experiencing art, and we are committed to facilitating that connection, even if it can’t be done face-to-face at this time.”

This year the showcase, like many other things, was very different. When faced with the option to cancel the showcase completely or find an alternative way to continue, Brown and his colleagues decided to move the showcase online.

Lopez Kitchen Dance

Likewise, the South Campus dance program had to think on its feet when COVID-19 forced the dance performance class online mid-semester. The class that houses rehearsals for the company’s end-of-semester concert changed into an opportunity for students to choreograph, film, and post weekly dances from home.

“It’s a different kind of learning – to be given a task and have to do something, anything, then take a leap of faith and post it for everyone to see,” said dance professor Jamie Williams.

Dance Girl

What was later dubbed “dance performance class 2.0” gave students a taste of both choreography and filming. Post-coronavirus, the class will return to concert rehearsals, but Williams may apply some social distancing takeaways to her choreography classes.

Just as fine arts needed to be creative to find a new way of sharing its mediums, other programs were creative with student recognition.