Communicable Diseases

 Current Health Alerts

Public Health authorities have reported increased cases of the following conditions. Click the links below for more to detailed information. If you suspect you have contracted or have been exposed to the conditions listed below, please use the reporting form to notify the appropriate department.


Monkeypox (MPV)


Wash your hands

Stay Healthy

A few simple steps can greatly reduce the risk of transmission of viruses and many other illnesses:

  • Wash your hands for 30 seconds multiple times a day. Studies have shown that washing hands 5 times a day can reduce infection risk by 45%. 
  • Use hand sanitizer whenever possible.
  • Avoid shaking hands, consider fist bumps!  
  • Disinfect frequently touched objects using a regular household cleaning spray or wipe.
  • Stay home when you are sick and avoid close contact with those who are sick.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.


Other Notifiable Conditions

Notifiable Conditions are those conditions that the College deems pose a threat to the college community, typically communicable diseases primarily spread through contact or respiratory pathways. To notify the College of any illness or exposure to the illness, please submit the report form below.


Reporting Form