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You must enter your G#, Name, Email address, and your Leader's Name and Email Address.

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  • You must complete a prescreening questionnaire before visiting the College.
  • Only one (1) form is needed if you are visiting multiple campuses or facilities.
  • A new form must be completed for each day you plan to be at the College.
  • This form may be filled out up to two (2) days in advance.
  • The form must be completed no less than two (2) hours before your visit.

What’s happens after I complete the form?

  • You will receive an e-mail from confirming that you are either Approved or Not Eligible to visit the College. Please do not reply to the e-mail as it is unmonitored.
  • This email is typically received in less than 10 minutes.
  • Only Approved employees are allowed onsite to receive a wristband.

What must I do when I arrive at the College?

  • Check-in at the building on the campus or facility you indicated on your form.
  • You will receive a wristband.
  • You are expected to visibly wear your wristband when you are on campus or facility.
  • You must check-in to receive a new wristband for each day you visit the College.

 What if I’m Not Eligible?

  • Approval is based on your answers submitted in your form.
  • Human Resources will contact you to confirm your situation.

What should I do if I have not received an e-mail within 10 minutes?

  • Check your spam folder for emails received from
  • Try completing the form again. If a confirmation is not received within 10 minutes on the second attempt, please contact Ali Shah at 281-998-6311.

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This is the same form as the Standard Form but does not require a log-in.

You must enter your G#, Name, and College Email address.

Please double-check that you have entered your correct G# and the exact Name provided to the College.


Resource Request Form

If you have a COVID-19 altered operations specific request you can enter it on the Resource Request Form.  OEM reviews these requests and routes them to the appropriate department for decision and action. Filling out this form does not guarantee approval, but all requests are reviewed.

Employee Time Tracker

Pursuant to the Federal and subsequent Texas disaster declaration with regards to the COVID-19 pandemic please fill out the Employee Time Tracker Form to track any hours you may have spent working on COVID-19 related tasks beginning March 13th.

COVID-19 related tasks are defined as any task you completed in response to prepare for, operationalize or support altered operations of the College. This definition is extracted from the FEMA Category B definition which states "Emergency Protective Measures - Measures taken before, during and immediately after a disaster to save lives, protect public health and safety, and protect improved public and private property."  Please remember to only include hours spent on tasks you otherwise would not have undertaken if not for the COVID-19 response.  Routine activities that are part of your normal duties, even if completed in an alternate work environment, are not within the scope of this definition.

Please make sure that you enter your G# and name correctly so that information can be verified and tabulated.

Max Occupancy Re-evaluation Form

Please utilize the Max Occupancy Re-evaluation Form to submit a request for revaluation of an existing space to modify the maximum occupancy with social distancing. Submissions are reviewed by Facilities Services, Safety and Emergency Management. Requestors should document in detail how they plan to maintain social distancing and other Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions with the new setup, pictures are highly recommended. Requestors will receive a confirmation of their submission as well a decision with explanation when the review is complete.  Activities should be scheduled with the existing occupancy loads until the review is completed.