Daily Student Pre-Screening Questionnaire

All students must complete a health screening form for the campus they are coming to.  A new form must be completed for each day that you need to be campus.  Forms may be filled out up to 2 days in advance but no later than 1 hour prior to arrival.  Staff will verify form completion by name or G# so please make sure that they are entered correctly.

TEST Student Pre-Screening Questionnaire

The Office of Emergency Management is constantly working to improve existing systems and processes during Altered Operations at the College.  OEM has teamed up with ITS to create a new, more efficient daily pre-screening questionnaire. The new form has been created and tested but we need your help now to see how it performs in the live environment.  Please click on the form below that most closely describes your situation and fill out the form accordingly. You may be required to log in using your current SOS login credentials (the same username and password you use to check your e-mail). While this form is in testing please don’t forget to complete the existing pre-screening form to avoid any delays at the gate.

Click here if you know your login information

Click here if you DO NOT know your login information 


Note: These forms are NOT for COVID-19 testing. 

  • Click here for the Harris County testing site at Central campus (open to the public). [https://covcheck.hctx.net/]
  • Click here for the Harris County testing site at North/South (open to SJC students and staff on announced dates and times). This link is only valid when the site is accepting appointments. [https://secure.hcphes.org/focusedmobile/]