Daily Student Pre-Screening Questionnaire

All students must complete a health screening form for the campus they are coming to.  A new form must be completed for each day that you need to be on campus.  Forms may be filled out up to 2 days in advance but no later than 1 hour prior to arrival.  Staff will verify form completion by name or G# so please make sure that they are entered correctly.

Please click on the button below to fill out the Pre-Screening Questionnaire.


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Username: G#
Password: SOS Password




Click here if you are having trouble logging in.

If you are still having trouble filling out the form or did not get an e-mail, you can access the old version of the Pre-Screening Questionnaire here

If you are eligible to come on campus, you can simply show the e-mail confirmation at the gate entry checkpoint to be let through.  Building entrances may still check your name against their dashboard before issuing a wristband.

Successful completion of the form should generate an e-mail stating if you are eligible or not eligible to come to campus.

image-20200917151931-1  Not Eligible

Note: These forms are NOT for COVID-19 testing. 

  • Click here for the Harris County testing site at Central campus (open to the public). [https://covcheck.hctx.net/]
  • Click here for the Harris County testing site at North/South (open to SJC students and staff on announced dates and times). This link is only valid when the site is accepting appointments. [https://secure.hcphes.org/focusedmobile/]