Your first step is to choose the type of student that best describes you below. From there you can get started on the next steps for attending San Jac, from applying and enrolling to paying for classes.

What best describes you?
Male college student wearing glasses

This is my first time in college or first time enrolling at San Jac, including transfer student, university student, dual credit student who wants to continue at San Jac, or have only taken continuing education courses.

Cosmetology Instructor

I took classes at San Jacinto College after graduating high school and want to be readmitted.

Male high school student holding books

I'm a current high school student and want to take college credit courses simultaneously.

International student

I have or am applying for an F1 visa and want to attend San Jac.

Smiling businesswoman checking clipboard

I'm looking for noncredit courses for professional development, career workforce training, or picking up a new hobby.

Veteran in uniform with backpack reading classwork

I am a veteran looking to use my education benefits.

Smiling GED student in graduation cap

I've earned my High School Equivalency and want to enroll at San Jacinto College.

Senior student with smartphone

I'm a senior who's 65 or older and interested in lifelong learning -- as well as free tuition!

Special approval students

I don't have a diploma or GED, but I'm serious about pursuing a college education.

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