Get a Jump-Start on College

Dual Credit is a form of concurrent enrollment that allows a student to take certain courses at San Jacinto College while in high school.

By doing this, students can graduate from high school with 24+ hours of college credit! Students can earn even more by taking summer courses.

It’s affordable, too. Students pay only 25 percent of tuition for certain classes that count toward both high school and college, and students who qualify for the Texas Public Education Grant (TPEG) pay even less.

Check with your high school counselor or San Jacinto College’s Financial Aid Office for more information on how to pay.

San Jacinto College has a dedicated dual credit team that is ready to help you get started!

I am a....
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I'm a current student and want to earn college credit.

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I'm looking for information on how I can support my high school student's college success.

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I'm looking for resources to support my dual credit and early admissions students.

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I’m looking to create a new partnership with San Jacinto College to offer dual credit courses to my students.

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Access the handbook and other important resources for helping students bridge the gap between high school and college.