Homeschooled Students

Homeschooled students may attend San Jacinto College as dual credit students. They must meet the same requirements as dual credit students enrolled in public or private high schools and follow the same process of admittance to the College. In addition, students must provide a high school transcript to document their status as a homeschooled student and provide all pertinent information required to register for classes at San Jac.
Students may select:

  • Courses that meet homeschool graduation requirements, or
  • Core Curriculum courses, or
  • Courses that are applicable to a desired degree or certificate
  • Developmental or College Prep courses are NOT permitted

Courses are meant to supplement homeschooled curriculum, not replace it. The homeschool administrator determines the courses needed for the student to complete their high school diploma. San Jacinto College does not award high school diplomas.  

All students are required to show proof that they are high school students to participate in the dual credit program. Changes of high school graduation date for continued eligibility in the dual credit program are not guaranteed and are only considered under extenuating circumstances. San Jacinto College does not approve requests for a “super senior” year. If a senior decides not to graduate and wants to continue taking college classes, they may apply as an Individual Approval student through the Office of Admissions and they will not receive the dual credit discount on their coursework. 


How to Participate

Prior to completing the admission's processes at San Jacinto College, students should meet with the Dual Credit Office for additional details regarding how to register for dual credit courses.

Here's what you need to do to participate:

  1. Apply online and get an SJC Student ID (G-Number).
    • Apply at Be sure to complete the profile and the application!
    • Your application will be processed within 72 hours. After that, you'll be emailed your San Jac Student ID (example: G0100123).
  2.  Meet the Texas Success Initiative Assessment (TSIA) requirements.
    • All students must take the TSIA or prove an exemption or waiver in the areas of reading, writing, and math.
      • An exemption permanently exempts a student from taking the TSIA.
      • A waiver temporarily waives the requirement while the student is in high school.
    • Testing may be available at your high school.
    • Further details about the TSIA can be found by clicking here.
  3.  Submit proof of or exemption from Bacterial Meningitis vaccination.
    • Shot records or exemption forms should be emailed to or faxed to 281-669-4720.
    • Further details about Bacterial Meningitis can be found by clicking here.
  4.  Register for classes.
  5.  Pay tuition.
    • To remain in your classes, you must pay your portion of tuition and fees by the college's posted deadline.
    • Payment can be made through your Secure Online System (S.O.S.) account or in-person at the college's Business Office.
    • Installment plans are available.
  6.  Prepare for class.
    • Get your San Jac ID card from the Admissions Office.
    • Get your San Jac parking permit from the Business Office.
    • Purchase textbooks from the San Jac bookstore or your preferred retailer.
    • Set up your San Jac S.O.S., email, and Blackboard accounts.