Debt-Free Degree

Yes, you read that right. If you’re a high school senior living in San Jacinto College’s taxing district, you qualify for the Promise @ San Jac Scholarship. We’ll cover your associate degree or certificate at San Jac (tuition, books, and supplies) 100% after financial aid! This means less stress for you and a debt-free start on your future.

Complete FAFSA

Take the next step! Complete the FAFSA by April 20.

 Promise Benefits

  • Available to all in-district high school seniors, regardless of GPA
  • A career with higher income potential
  • Quality education
  • No student loans!


Step 1

By Feb. 16, 2023: The Promise pledge cycle has closed for 2023 graduates.

Step 2

By Apr. 20, 2023: Apply for financial aid.

Step 3

By July 13, 2023: Enroll and register for full-time classes at San Jac.

**If selected, must also complete financial aid verification**


 Learn More: Read the requirements for eligibility, continuing eligibility and the appeals process.

Why I’m a Promise Scholar

Azhia Alvarez, Dobie High School student
Azhia Alvarez

"My parents don’t have to worry about paying out of pocket for tuition. Being a first-generation college student, Promise is allowing me to be the first person in my family to attend college."

Gustavo Almazan, Sam Rayburn High School student
Gustavo Almazan

"Now that I’m attending college through the Promise Scholarship, it’s helped save income that allows my family and me to do more for ourselves."

Tatyana Johnson, Dobie High School student
Tatyana Johnson

"I was getting anxiety about where I was going to attend college. Even though my grades were good, I still wasn’t getting accepted into the colleges and universities I had applied to, and I remembered San Jac had the Promise program."