You can earn up to an additional $7,000 by working part-time on campus through the Federal Work Study, Texas Work Study, or the Texas Work Study Mentorship programs.  Financial Aid will assist you in determining eligibility for this award. Also, please be sure to show your interest on question 31 of the FAFSA-Are you interested in Federal Work Study? 


If you are interested in a Work Study position, please fill out the form here!


For a listing of jobs, please visit the San Jac Works site or contact one of our Career Services Offices. Jobs are limited, so please visit the site frequently to see what positions are available.


Benefits of Being a Work Study Employee

Flexible Schedules

Employers are required to work around your class schedule.


Keep Your Cash

Work study earnings do not count against your financial aid award amount.


 Course Success

Students who participate in work study programs have higher success rates.



Working on campus saves time and money.



 Gain Work Experience

And enhance your résumé.

 Earn Up to $7,000 

Per year for fall through spring.