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That’s what many students think as they launch for the first time.

No one nags you to finish your homework or study for that test. No one whips the covers off to wake you up. In fact, you get to decide whether to show up for classes at all. That freedom can be thrilling – and overwhelming.

Approaching college with mixed emotions? If so, stop. Take a deep breath. And read on. We share five simple tips below to make your college journey less stressful and more successful. You’ve got this!

At San Jacinto College, student success is at the heart of all we do. We want every student who walks across our campuses to be taking the best path for their future – whether that means earning a certificate or associate degree, transferring to a university, or landing a great job. If you’re interested in starting your journey to success at San Jac, you can learn more about the admissions process, schedule a campus tour, or browse our courses.


#1 Engage in class

Talk to your classmates and join in classroom discussions. Not only will you digest the course content better, but you may find study buddies, casual friends, and even your BFF. Also, asking the professor questions helps clarify material for the entire class. Others may be too nervous to ask the question you’re asking and will feel relieved you spoke up first.

#2 Develop a routine

While setting your own schedule is exciting, it can also be a major pitfall in college. Use alarms, planners, and calendars to stay on top of assignments, tests, and non-school responsibilities. Daily routines can help you focus on education while still allowing time for work, family, and fun.

#3 Create new study habits

Gone are the days of Mom and Dad reminding you to study. And those study habits you developed in high school may not fit your college life and workload. Try different methods, locations, and times for studying until you find what works best for you.

#4 Take care of you

Making time to relax and eat well is just as important as studying and attending classes. Whether you hit the gym, veg with Netflix, or get lost in a favorite video game, you need time to recover. Also, choose the right foods. Eating healthy protein, fruit, veggies, and whole grains throughout the day gives you energy and focus for classes, study, and play.

#5 Go with the flow

Most important, remember college is about learning and having fun. At some point, you may miss a deadline or fail an assignment. It happens. This is a time to try new things and make new friends while exploring new topics. Take all your college experiences and see them for what they are: valuable life lessons.