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The ESOL program is designed for residential and non-residential students who want to improve their English. Students can complete the program in one academic year (nine months) and are prepared for college and university admission exams, such as the Texas Success Initiative Assessment (TSIA) or Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). The curriculum covers language skills in oral communication; grammar, reading and writing for the workplace; and college career or university studies. Courses are taught by master teachers with lecture, group projects and computer assignments. A Certificate of Completion is awarded upon ESOL program completion.

Oral Communication

Develops listening and speaking skills in English and prepares students for educational, vocational and social English speaking contexts. Students learn perfect pronunciation, increase listening comprehension and learn to give precise directions. Students also learn to narrate and explain events or concepts.


Develops grammar for academic and workplace purposes. Students learn to write English correctly, to communicate via email, letters and other documents. Appropriate use of word choice, word form and word order are a focus of the course.

Reading and Writing

Develops reading proficiency, vocabulary and professional writing abilities for a multicultural and multilingual society. Students increase English comprehension through reading novels, short stories, textbook passages and professional publications. A course focus is writing academic essays in narrative, comparison, opinion or cause-effect modes.

For more information about detailed course descriptions, click here.

Admission Requirements

Residents with High School Diploma or General Education Diploma (GED)

  1. Complete an admission application online at: www. sanjac.edu/first-steps or in person at the Welcome Center. No application fee. No cost.
  2. On campus, see an Admissions Advisor in the Welcome Center to take the placement exam, Accuplacer-ESL. No cost for the exam.
  3. Register for classes with a Program Advisor. Your exam results will determine your level and which classes. Students receive college credit hours.

Residents or Non-residents without High School Diploma or General Education Diploma (GED)

  1. Complete an application in the Continuing and Professional Development (CPD) office. No application fee. No cost.
  2. In the CPD office, request to take the placement exam, COMPASS-ESL. No cost for the exam.
  3. Register for classes in the CPD office. Your exam results will determine your level and which classes you will attend. Students receive Continuing Education credit hours, which are college non-credit hours.


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