Late Payments

You might pay in full up front or set up an installment payment plan. Whatever you choose, pay on time, and you’ll be fine.

We trust you’ll pay by the deadline, but if you don’t, here’s what happens next.


 If You Miss Your Payment

If you are overdue on financial obligations to San Jac (excluding library and traffic fines), you will receive a warning. This notice will give you the payment due date to avoid automatic withdrawal from all classes.

Debts include:

  • Tuition
  • Charges
  • Returned check penalties
  • College-generated loans
  • Restitution for loss of or damage to College property

You must pay all debts before you re-enroll. If you are in default on a government loan used for San Jac classes, you may not receive an official transcript or diploma until you’ve made six consecutive voluntary monthly loan payments.


 If You Stop Paying or Your Check Bounces

We charge $30 for each stopped payment or returned check. Returned checks include electronically converted checks that our bank has rejected. If your check is returned, you must pay San Jac by cash, cashier's check, money order, or credit card.

We charge $25 for late payments on our installment payment plan (IPP) and Registration Payment Deferments (RPD). If you don’t pay the IPP or RPD at its maturity, the matter may go to an attorney or collections agency. Resulting collection costs will be added to the original debt and you must pay these costs, as well as attorney's fees, if applicable.