Special Approval

More Pathways to Your Educational Goals

If you're serious about pursuing a college education, then we want to make every effort to provide you the opportunity, even if you don't have a diploma or GED. Special approvals typically fall into two categories:

Special circumstances

If you're not a high school graduate or the equivalent, you may be admitted conditionally. We would just need to examine your academic record and your scores on assessment tests to determine if we think you could succeed in one of San Jac's programs. Admission would be for one term, and we may require you to take certain courses or limit those that you can register for.

Conditions for students 18 or older

You must take GED preparation and other appropriate developmental classes and pass the GED during your first term.

If you don't pass all sections of the GED, you may enroll for the next term on a conditional basis, as long as you continue in your developmental classes.

Conditions for students under 18

You must complete all sections of the GED exam before enrolling for your first term and submit documentation from the testing center for verification.

If you don't pass all sections of the GED, you may enroll for the next term as long as you retake the exam first.

Of course, if you're approved under special circumstances then you'll still need to complete all other admission requirements. Once you achieve unconditional admission status you'll be eligible to receive an official transcript, be considered for financial aid, and re-enroll for subsequent terms. In short, you'll be an all-out college student!

For more information, contact the Admissions Office at 281-998-6150.