International Transfers

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Please Note

International students are required to follow specific federal regulations from USCIS/SEVIS to maintain their F-1 visa status.

When planning to transfer from San Jacinto College to another institution there are important steps to take for a smooth and successful transition.

There are many benefits to earning an associate degree before transferring, but if that is not possible, International Student Services can help create a specialized plan to help you reach your goals.



 Transfer Steps

1. Meet with International Student Services

Your International advisor will review your:

  • Current San Jacinto College program.
  • Transfer plan, goals and questions to help you create a plan of action.
  • Current SEVIS record to review current F-1 status and important dates. Dates and deadlines are very important. Once a semester ends, you have a 60-day grace period to transfer out. This means you always want to know your current I-20 program end date and make sure you are not exceeding the 60-day grace period to transfer out as this may result in termination of your F-1 status.

To continue to maintain F-1 status, you will need to transfer to an SEVP approved institution.

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2. Learn about the admission process at your future institution

Visit the international services website for the institution you are interested in transferring to and:

  • Review the admission deadlines and start the transfer out process early.
  • Make an appointment with their international office to learn more information about the international admission process and documents required to transfer out. Some institutions have separate offices for general admission, advising and international services. Be sure to meet with international services.
  • Research scholarship and financial aid opportunities for international students. In Texas, we have the Foreign TASFA which is a type of financial assistance from the state of Texas specifically for foreign students.
  • In addition to meeting the requirements for general admission to that institution that include (applying, international application fee, submitting all academic transcripts to each institution attended and test scores), you will need to submit financial support documents, passport, visa, I-94, all previous I-20’s and a SEVIS Transfer In form.
  • For the SEVIS Transfer In form, you will need to complete the student portion at the top of the form. Then you may email it to International Student Services with your full name and San Jacinto College student ID number (G#) and we will complete the school portion and send it to the international office and provide you with a copy of the form.


3. Transfer out

Once you have received your acceptance letter and have decided to transfer out, you will need to submit it to International Student Services.

  • You may submit your acceptance letter via email and include your full name and San Jac student ID number (G#).
  • Most institutions will send you a general acceptance letter once you apply online. Other institutions will provide you with an international acceptance letter once you have completed the international admission process.  We require the international acceptance letter unless the institution does not provide one.
  • Next, International Student Services will transfer your SEVIS record electronically to your new institution.
  • Once your new institution has your SEVIS record, they can begin processing your I-20. Each institution has different policies and guidelines, you will need to talk to your International Advisor/DSO to review when you will receive your new I-20.


4. Meet with international office at your new institution

Congratulations! It's time to review your next steps for advising and enrollment of classes with the international office at your new institution.