Tuition Rate

We’re creating equitable access to our programs by ensuring all students (based on residency) pay the same price per semester credit hour.

Tuition rate* per semester credit hour:

In-District Texas Resident $78
Out-of-District Texas Resident $135
Non-Texas Resident/International $210
Fees $0


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*Note: Tuition rate is the same whether auditing courses or taking for credit. Rate is subject to change by the Texas State Legislature and the San Jacinto College District Board of Trustees. Tuition rate went info effect fall 2019.


Low Tuition

Our simplified tuition model streamlines rates and eliminates extra registration fees. This means:

  • No lab fees
  • No general service fees
  • No distance learning fees
  • No technology fees
  • No incidental fees

Because the tuition plan is easy to understand, you can calculate your enrollment costs without worrying about surprise added costs. An affordable, high-quality education is within your reach!


Other Expenses

We’re excited to simplify tuition, but you still have some non-registration costs.

You’re responsible for buying textbooks, workbooks, and supplies (notebooks, pens, etc.) and covering any special requirements for courses or programs – like uniforms, software, drug tests, and more. Want to save money? Consider renting textbooks and selling new and used books and course materials at the College bookstore.

Here are some other non-registration charges you may have:

  • Installment payment plan (IPP), including charges for set-up and late payments
  • Charge for returned checks
  • The testing charge for repeat Texas Success Initiative Assessment (TSIA) tests, after the first free test
  • Charge for delinquent accounts sent to collection agencies

Also, complete any class changes before the first day of class. If you drop classes during the scheduled class change period, they will be assessed at 30 percent of the tuition, according to Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board guidelines, even if you’re replacing them with other courses. The dropped class may also show up on your transcript as “withdrawn."

For a complete list of other expenses, please see the academic catalog


Other Important Information

The cost for completing one academic year (30 credit hours):

  In-District Out of District Out of State

Direct Cost










Books & Supplies




Indirect Cost


Room & Board








Misc. Personal Exp.




Total Expenses

 $ 17,431

 $ 19,141

 $ 21,391



Students will pay the same tuition rate to audit a course that they would pay to take the course for credit, based on residency.

The programs, policies, and information contained herein are subject to change without notice and are intended for information only.

Okay, we have to say that. But you can stay abreast of anything regarding financial aid programs and relevant policies by doing one simple thing: keep in touch. Our Financial Aid Office staff is happy to field your questions at any time and help you with anything you need.

All records and conversations between you, your family and our Financial Aid Office staff are confidential. No information will be released to anyone outside our offices without your permission, in accordance with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act.

The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board sets the rules and regulations for residency status. Learn about in-district, out-of-district and more in Residency Status.

Learn more about mandatory and optional Exemptions and Waivers.