Tuition Exemptions and Waivers List

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Exemptions and Waivers - Mandatory

Program Name



Hazlewood Exemptions

  • Veterans
  •  child/spouse of deceased veteran                   
  • child/spouse of disabled veteran
  • Legacy recipients

TEC 54.341

 Veterans and other military personnel and dependents living in Texas receive 100% exemption from payment of tuition, based upon specific criteria 

Children of Disabled Firemen/Peace Officers

TEC 54.351

Children who meet age requirements and are dependents of firefighters and law enforcement officers injured or killed in the line of duty receive 100% exemption of tuition

Firefighters taking Fire Science Courses

TEC 54.353

Students currently employed as firefighters receive 100% exemption of tuition when enrolled in a fire science curriculum

Peace Officer Exemption

TEC 54.3531

Students currently employed as peace officers receive 100% exemption of tuition when enrolled in a criminal justice curriculum

Children of Nurse Faculty

TEC 54.355

Children under the age of 25 whose parent is a nurse educator in Texas higher education receive 100% exemption of tuition

Preceptors and/or their Children

TEC 54.356

Children under the age of 25 whose parent is a nurse overseeing clinicals in Texas higher education receive a $500 exemption of tuition

Deaf or Blind

TEC 54.364

Students presenting proper certification attesting to the fact that they are deaf or blind receive 100% exemption of tuition

Foster Care/TX Dpt. Family Protective Svcs.

TEC 54.366

Students who were under the conservatorship of the Department of Family and Protective Services on their 18th birthday receive 100% exemption of tuition


TEC 54.367

Students who were adopted and formerly in foster or other residential care receive 100% exemption of tuition

Texas Tomorrow Fund Contract

TEC 54.621(c)

Students who are beneficiaries of a prepaid tuition contract receive exemption from payment of any additional tuition amounts for the credits covered under the contract

Foreign Service Officer

TEC 54.206

A foreign service officer employed by the US Department of State receives in-state tuition when assigned to a foreign nation that borders the state

College Teachers, Professors and their


TEC 54.211

A professor of higher education in Texas and their dependents receive in-state tuition regardless of the length of time they have lived in Texas

NATO Members and Families

TEC 54.232

A non-immigrant alien and their dependents residing in Texas in accordance with certain NATO agreements receive in-state tuition regardless of the length of time they have lived in Texas

Military (and dependents) in Texas

TEC 54.241

An active officer, enlisted person, selectee, or draftee of the U.S. armed forces and their dependents living in Texas on assignment receive in-state tuition regardless of the length of time they have lived in Texas

Ex-Prisoners of War

TEC 54.342

Children of ex-prisoners of war on or after January 1, 1999 receive full exemption of tuition and also receive free housing and other assistance upon enrollment for 12 semester credit hours

Children of POWs and MIAs

TEC 54.343

Children of members of the armed forces currently declared as prisoners of war or missing in action receive full exemption of tuition

Taps Performers

TEC 54.344

Students who sound TAPS in military funerals shall receive a $25 tuition exemption

National Guard Waiver

TEC 54.345

Students who are identified annually by the adjutant general of the state military forces receive exemption of tuition for up to

12 semester credit hours

Dependents of Deceased Public Servants

TEC 54.354

Children and surviving spouses of certain deceased firefighters, peace officers and other public servants receive exemption of tuition, free textbooks and housing assistance

Economic Development

TEC 54.222

Children of persons who are employed by a business that relocated within the past 5 years to Texas under certain agreements with the Texas Economic Development and

Tourism Office receive in-state tuition regardless of length of residency in Texas

One-Year Exemption for Certain TANF Students

TEC 54.361

Student who graduated from high school in Texas and during the last year of high school was a dependent child receiving financial assistance under chapter 31, Human Resources Code is exempt from one year of tuition


Exemptions and Waivers - Optional

Program Name



Ad Valorem

TEC 130.0032

Out-of-District students coming from households who own property and pay property tax receive in-district rates

Community College District Employees

TEC 130.0851

Employees who live out of district receive in-district rates

Competitive Scholarship

TEC 54.213

Students coming from out of state who have a competitive scholarship in excess of $1,000 receive Texas Resident Rate -- Out-of-District Tuition Rate

Dual Enrollment – Jr. Colleges

TEC 130.008, 54.216

Dual Credit Students receive 75% exemptions from enrollment charges

Senior Citizen Lowered Tuition 55 +

TEC 54.263

CPD use only

Highest Ranking HS Scholar

TEC 54.301

Students who graduated top of their class receive full tuition waiver for 2 semesters

Good Neighbor

TEC 54.331

Tuition waiver for up to 235 students native-born in other countries in American hemisphere

Senior Citizen  65+ for 6 hours free tuition

TEC 54.365 (c)

Students over age 65 receive tuition waiver for up to 6 SCH, if space is available

Disabled Peace Officer

TEC 54.352

Student can have tuition waived if student is permanently disabled as a result of an injury suffered during the performance of a duty as a peace officer of this state or a political subdivision of this state

Combat Exemption

TEC 54.2031

Student who is a dependent of a parent deployed during active combat may have tuition waived