ADN Admission Information


ADN Program at Central and North Campuses

Central Campus:

Office Location:

Health Science Building  C-11 First Floor


Last names beginning with  (A-K) contact

Ira Robins - Sr. Administrative Assistant 

281- 476-1501 x 1440 
Office: C.11-1059


Last names beginning with  (L-Z) contact

Patricia Carter - Sr. Administrative Assistant

281-476-1501 x1441
Office: C.11-1057

There is a 24 hour response time window.


ADN-RN Nursing - Central Fall 2020 Application Dates 

                                       Application period - February 03 thru April 03, 2020

Central Fall 2020 Application (fillable) 
Follow Instructions Below

 ALL APPLICATIONS MUST BE TYPED- HANDWRITTEN APPLICATIONS ARE NOT ACCEPTED. Please place in an 8.5 x 11" envelope/folder to turn in.

You must make copies of all the documents you turn in.  We will not provide a copy for you once it is turned in.

 All pre-requisite courses not completed before applying will not be used in the Rubric.



Information Sessions:  For  Fall 2020 Semester at Central

                                will be held in Building C-11 Room 1081


1/21/2020    10 am - 12 noon 

1/22/2020     1:00 pm - 3 pm 

1/23/2020    10 am - 12 noon 


1/27/2020       4 pm - 6 pm 

1/28/2020       4 pm - 6 pm

1/29/2020       9 am -11 am 



Application Packet must include the documents below:

You will only be turning in 5 documents to the Nursing Department:

  1. 7-page Typed application
  2. HESI  score (each section must be at least 75 & above to be considered- you can only turn in 2 HESI test scores - only the highest scores from each test will be calculated.)
  3. Official Sealed Transcripts (from all schools attended) If you attended San Jacinto College. An unofficial transcript will be accepted - For SJC only - all others require an official transcript.
  4. A copy of your Social Security Card (front and back)
  5. A copy of your Texas Drivers License (front and back



A Castlebranch account must be created. A negative drug screen must be returned.

CastleBranch is the document manager for the ADN-RN Department. All applicants must create a profile and upload all documentation to their website. All documents are due to Castlebranch by the closing date of the application period.

Please use code NP76 - for the Drug Test & Medical Document Manager


Mandatory: All students who apply and are accepted must have all their immunizations completed, with the exception of the flu shot.

Immunizations must be completed by acceptance date, no later.

You also have a fast track or rapid series option for Hep B... which reduces the wait between shots.


HESI A2 Testing:

  • Department ID: 198971
  • Biology is no longer a required subject on the HESI

HESI - RN TESTING  Please google Hesi test sites, in the event, SJC-Central is not offering tests that are convenient for you. Other schools offer the HESI, as long as they meet our requirements, all A2N HESI's are acceptable within the 3-year limit.


All information listed below is vital to your success.

Steps for Success

Criteria & Pre-Reqs

Immunization FAQ's


Course Sub. Form

** The Blue Card and physical exam is only required once you are accepted into the program. That information comes later in the process.

**You must have insurance upon acceptance into the program and it cannot lapse anytime during while in the program. The Gold Card is not considered Health Insurance.



San Jacinto Community College does not participate in a specific college-sponsored health insurance plan. Health insurance is available for purchase through private companies. Students should carefully study the terms of any policy before buying any coverage. – student health plan – student health plan – student health plan – personal property insurance

Success Indicators  ADN Central

After you graduate from our program, we strongly encourage you to pursue your RN to BSN degree. Click HERE  for a listing of all RN to BSN Programs in Texas.

Did you know that the ADN program has been producing great nurses for more than 50 years! Come learn more about the nursing program and the benefits of earning your associate’s degree in nursing at San Jacinto College. There are many scholarship opportunities available to support our students! We are located in the Health and Science Building 11 and look forward to seeing you there!

ELA- 3 years


NCLEX-RN Pass Rate

Completion Rate

Job Placement

Report Year



Report Year



Report Year






Fall 2016 – Spring 2017



2018 (For 2016-2017)






Fall 2015 – Spring 2016




(For 2015-2016)






Fall 2014 – Spring 2015



2016 (For 2014-2015)


New program – no graduates

San Jacinto College is now offering the ADN-RN Program on the North campus. This program is an extension site for the ADN-RN  Program located on the Central campus.


ADN-RN Nursing Application Dates

Spring 2020- Application Period CLOSED



HESI A2 Testing

North Campus Testing Date:


Come to the Nursing Suite (N-17.2114) to register for HESI A2. First come first serve, office hours are from 8:30am - 5:00pm Monday - Friday.


Please refer to the documents listed below for more detailed information:

ADN-RN North 202020 Admission Criteria

ADN-RN North 202020 Fillable Application

ADN-RN North 201920 Immunization Schedule

ADN-RN North 201920 Course Curriculum

ADN-RN North 201920 HESI A2 Guide

All documents are subject to change.