Sullivan, Rana

Eng for Students of Other Lang
Associate of Arts - San Jacinto College Central
Bachelors of Arts - Interdisciplinary Studies Univ of Texas at San Antonio
Certificate of Technology - English Speakers Other Lang Univ of Texas at San Antonio
Doctorate of Education - Educational Leadership Northcentral University
Master's of Arts - Adult Learning and Teaching Univ of Texas at San Antonio

Teacher Certificate:

Graduate Course: 5003 Linguistics-Sec Lang & BBL Spec

Graduate Course: 5013 Curricula Instruction/Assessment

Graduate Course: 5013 Foundations of 2nd Lan Acquisition

Graduate Course: 5033 Second Lan Reading & Writing

Graduate Course: 5043 Listen & Speaking in SL Program

Graduate Course: 5083 Pedagogical Grammar

Graduate Course: 5813 Adult Literacy

Graduate Course: 6053 Program & Syllabus Design