Woodfolk-Sprowl, Angelia

Bachelor's Degree - Applied Sociology Texas State Univ-San Marcos
Bachelor's Degree - Psychology Texas State Univ-San Marcos
CE Certificate - Univ of Houston Clear Lake
Master's Degree - Behavioral Science-Sociology Univ of Houston Clear Lake

Certificate: Certified Mediator, Completed 40 hours of training at UHCL.

Professional Development: Completed 40 hours of training

Work Experience: San Jacinto College - Distance Learning, Academic(06/28-present)

Graduate Course: PSYC 3331 Theories of Personality

Graduate Course: PSYC 5031 Human Growth & Development

Graduate Course: PSYC 5065 Research Desgn Stat Measurment

Graduate Course: PSYC 6134 Biological Basis of Behavior

Graduate Course: PSYC5532 Adv Social Psych

Graduate Course: SOCI 4335 Social Change

Graduate Course: SOCI 5333 Minorities and Majorities

Graduate Course: SOCI 5334 Social Stratification

Graduate Course: SOCI 5336 Law and Society

Graduate Course: SOCI 5337 COmplex Organizations

Graduate Course: SOCI 5537 Urban Problems