Duston, Karen

Bachelors of Science - Metallurgical Engineering Univ of Texas at El Paso
Bachelors of Science - Microbiology Texas A&M University
Bachelors of Science - Chemistry Univ of Texas at El Paso
Doctorate of Philosophy - Environment Sci & Engineering Rice University
Master of Science - Microbiology Texas A&M University

Professional Development: This 6-week program emphasizes educational design principles and teaching methods, including effective content design and delivery, learning environment design, alternative methods of assessments, and effective integration of technology resources.

Graduate Course: BIOL 452 Determntve Bacteriolgy

Graduate Course: BIOL 457 Bacterial Ecology

Graduate Course: BIOL 610 Immunology

Graduate Course: BIOL 630 Protozoology

Graduate Course: BIOL 681 Seminar

Graduate Course: BIOL 689 Sp Tp Fron in Bio Res

Graduate Course: ENVR 403 Water & Wastewater Treatment

Graduate Course: ENVR 412 Hydrology & Watershed Analysis

Graduate Course: ENVR 518 Ground Water Hydrology

Graduate Course: ENVR 525 Evironmental Microbiology

Graduate Course: ENVR 530 Physical-Chemical Processes

Graduate Course: ENVR 534 Envitonmental Modeling

Graduate Course: ENVR 630 Physical-Chemical Processes II

Graduate Course: ENVR 634 Ground Water Transport