Brown, Danny

Bachelor's Degree - Philosophy North Carolina State Univ
Bachelor's Degree - Communications North Carolina State Univ
Master's Degree - Philosophy Univ of Houston

Work Experience: Comedy Showcase - Defensive Driving Instructor(07/01-02/05)

Work Experience: Houston Community College - Adjunct Philosophy Professor(08/01-02/05)

Work Experience: San Jacinto College - Distance Learning, Academic(05/17-present)

Work Experience: San Jacinto Community College - Adjunct Professor(08/01-02/05)

Graduate Course: 3358 Classics in Hist of Ethics

Graduate Course: PHIL 3335 Theory of Knowledge

Graduate Course: PHIL 3351 Contemporary Moral Issues

Graduate Course: PHIL 3375 Law, Society & Morality

Graduate Course: PHIL 6395 Morality, Reasn & Self-Interest

Graduate Course: PHIL 6395 Sel Tops-Objectivity