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Once you’ve completed all of your course requirements it’s time to graduate! Take these few easy steps and San Jac will have all the information it needs to officially award your degree or certificate.

  1. Do a Graduation Status Check. Log on to our secure system, go to Student Records, run a degree evaluation and print it out. Write in notes next to requirements that are currently in progress or pending, and bring the form to the Educational Planning, Counseling and Completion office on the campus where you would like to graduate by the deadline listed in the class schedule.

  2. Apply via the online appointment scheduler with the Educational Planning, Counseling and Completion office they will verify that you’re eligible to graduate. 

  3. Hold that diploma high! After grades are posted in your final semester the Educational Planning, Counseling and Completion office verifies that all of your pending items have been completed on your Graduation Status Check. When your diploma is printed and your degree is posted you officially become a college graduate. Diplomas are ready about six weeks after final grades are posted.

By the way, if you’ve completed at least 15 credit hours at San Jacinto College but finished up your degree at another college or university, you can still apply for a degree or certificate from San Jac.

Twitter users can receive live updates during San Jacinto College Commencement via the @SanJacCollege Twitter feed.  We love seeing photos and posts leading up to and during commencement.  Please use #SJCGrad21 and #SanJacCertified with your social media posts.