BankMobile Disbursements

San Jacinto College has partnered with BankMobile to deliver your financial aid refund. We are committed to providing students with clear choices and offering great customer service. For more information about BankMobile, visit this link

You can change your refund preference at any time. To update your preference:

  • Go to “Refunds” in the navigation bar
  • Select “Refund Preferences”
  • Select your new refund preference and hit “update” at the bottom of the page
  • Follow the prompts on the screen to confirm your new refund preference

You must make any desired changes to your refund selection preference at least 24 hours prior to an anticipated refund. When possible, we will honor a change made within 24 hours of a refund receipt but in the event that we are unable to do so, your requested change will only be effective for future refunds.

For more information visit the FAQ page for BankMobile: