What is Distance Learning?


DL or Online are common references for distance learning classes. San Jacinto College offers several ways for you to conveniently complete classes from a distance. You can complete courses online, or you can even take courses that are part on campus and part online. Just like our traditional college classes, every distance learning course offers full credit, transferability, and it has tests, assignments and an instructor that can help.

The instructors for distance learning classes are assigned by the faculty and credit for successfully completion of the courses is awarded by the teaching campus. Just enroll in a Distance Learning class.

You will find two types of distance learning classes in the course schedule:

Online: All course content is delivered through computers and multimedia using the San Jacinto College’s learning management system, Blackboard, and may include various media or publisher content; both synchronous and asynchronous teaching methods may be used as appropriate. No on-campus testing or activities are required; proctored exams may be required.

Online/Classroom: Content delivered through a combination of web-based and classroom activities. These courses use components of computer instruction using the San Jacinto College’s learning management system, Blackboard, in addition to multimedia activities and classroom time. On-campus classroom time is required.

The Distance Learning course listing can be found in the SJC Course Finder by selecting “Online” in the campus option or in S.O.S. by checking the Type/Location of the course listing.