Six-Drop Course Limit Policy

TEC 51.907 San Jacinto College Six-Drop Limit Policy

A new law provides that undergraduate students enrolling as first-time freshmen at a public institution of higher education in Texas in Fall 2007 or thereafter will be limited to a total of six dropped courses during their entire undergraduate career.


Texas public community colleges, technical institutes/colleges, health science institutions offering undergraduate course work, and universities must comply with the legislation of TEC 51.907.


Students who enroll as entering freshmen or first-time in college students in undergraduate courses offered through an affected institution of higher education for the first time during the Fall 2007 semester or any subsequent semester are subject to the course drop limit restrictions. Students who started college anywhere Fall 2007 or thereafter and then transfer to San Jacinto College are affected by the six-drop limit.


A course drop, which will be recorded on the transcript, is defined as an affected credit course not completed by an undergraduate student who:

1. Is enrolled in the course at the official census date*, and

2. Will receive a non-punitive grade of WL.

*The Official Census Date varies according to the length of the course. The most common course lengths are listed below. For the census date for all other course lengths, please contact the Office of Enrollment Services.


3 week course 2nd class day

5 or 6 week course 4th class day

8 week course 6th class day

16 week course 12th class day

Note: The class day means the first day of the part of term, not the first day of your particular class.


It is in the best interest to have all transcripts on file prior to registration. Transfer students who are affected by this legislation shall be required to submit all transfer institution transcripts for processing of the transfer course drops which apply to the limit prior to being allowed to utilize any drops at San Jacinto College. The number of drops counting toward the six-drop limit will be indicated on the official transcript. If the transfer transcript does not indicate any drops toward the limit, San Jacinto College will set the drop count for that institution at zero. If the transfer institution indicates affected drops of 1 through 6, that number will set as the drop count from that institution. This process will take place for all incoming transcripts from affected colleges and universities. The total from all transfer institutions and San Jacinto College cannot exceed six total drops.

If a student was granted a drop at San Jacinto College and the Enrollment Services Office later learns that the drop counter was set incorrectly, the student’s record will be corrected and the drop counter reset. If the student has exceeded the six course drop limit, the drop will be removed and the faculty member of the associated course will be contacted to issue the appropriate grade.

Until all official transcripts are received from all affected colleges and universities, you will be allowed to register (drop & add) until the official drop/add period is over. After that time, you will not be allowed to drop until all transcripts are received and reviewed for your six-drop status.


San Jacinto College will award a grade of WL for an affected drop. The grade of WL will count as attempted hours but will not be calculated as earned hours so it will have no impact on the calculation of your undergraduate grade point average. This grade will count toward hours for Federal Financial Aid purposes which will impact your satisfactory academic progress calculation. These hours will count in the 120 hour rule at Texas four-year public colleges and universities.

COMPLETE WITHDRAWAL DEFINITION for Six-Drop Rule Only (Does not apply for Financial Aid)

A student is considered to have withdrawn from the institution for the purpose of six-drop compliance only when the student drops all courses that are affected by the six-drop rule for the term on the same date. The definition of courses that are not affected are identified in the section "Excluded Courses from Limit". Although San Jacinto College teaches courses of differing lengths (3-week, 5-week, etc.) during each term, the withdrawal from the College must be to drop all affected courses for all parts of term on the same date. If you have completed an affected course during the 3-week part of term and then want to drop the remainder of the affected courses for the term, these drops will be counted as affected drops.


Drops that count in the limit are those for which you receive a grade of WL on your San Jacinto College transcript and those equivalent affected drops reported on transcripts from other Texas public colleges and universities. All of these combined cannot be greater than six. If you started college Fall 2007 or thereafter and then transfer to San Jacinto College from an affected Texas public college or university with six drops the equivalent of WL, you may not drop any additional courses at San Jacinto College. If you transfer with fewer than six, you may only drop the remainder at San Jacinto College.


Once San Jacinto College calculates that you have a total of six affected drops from San Jacinto College and all affected transfer institutions, you may not drop any additional courses at San Jacinto College. The instructor will be required to award you a grade of A, B, C, D, F, or FX.


Drops from the following types of courses are excluded from the course drop limit.

Courses taken by students while enrolled in high school – whether for dual credit or early admission. Once graduated from high school the drops will begin to count.

Courses dropped at private or out-of-state institutions

Remedial or developmental courses, workforce education courses, or other courses that would not generate undergraduate credit that could be applied to a degree

Drops which meet the definition of a complete withdrawal


Students who feel that a drop should be exempt from the drop limit must complete the Request for Six-Drop Exemption Form and provide appropriate documentation to the Office of the Dean of Student Development prior to dropping the course. Students may request an exemption for any drop which meets good cause definition. This request must be made prior to dropping the course.

Exception and documentation requirements:

A) Severe illness or other debilitating condition: Statement from doctor

B) Care of a sick, injured or needy person: Statement from doctor regarding illness of the person being cared for. Statement from the sick, injured, or needy person regarding the student’s role as the care-giver or in case of a child, statement from the student

C) Death of family member or another person who is otherwise considered to have a sufficiently close relationship: Death certificate or obituary from newspaper.

D) Active duty service with the Texas National guard or other armed forces by the student, a family member, or a person who has a sufficiently close relationship: Orders from service

E) Change in work schedule that is beyond the control of the student: Letter from employer

F) Other good cause as determined by the institution

Or if a:

Disaster declared by the governor under section 418.014, Government Code, resulting in a bar or limit on in-person course attendance at the institution.  

For the purposes of this section, please see the following definitions:

Family members - spouse, child, grandchild, father, mother, brother, sister, grandmother, grandfathers, aunt, uncle, nephew, niece, first cousin, stepparent, step-child, or step-sibling

Sufficiently close relationship - this relationship can include a relative with the third degree of consanguinity plus close friends including but not limited to roommates, housemates, classmates, or others identified by the student for approval of the institution on a case-by-case basis.

The Office of the Dean of Student Development will review the request form and documentation and determine if the request is granted. The Office of the Dean of Student Development will notify the student by email of the decision. If the request is granted, the Enrollment Services will update the student's record and award grades of W. The decision of the Office of Student Development is final.

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